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Zeus Guardian

Zeus Guardian: Welcome

The on chip system, hardware firewall for the next generation connected devices.

A single solution with one exceptional function, to protect the access to and control of all connected devices. This was the idea here at Olive Innovations and the reason we have developed Zeus Guardian.

The birth of the internet and the necessity of the connected world has opened up endless possibilities to improve our lives. It has also created new possibilities for intrusion, interference and threats to the modern world.

Each and every day new ideas with ways to use and misuse these devices are being published and reported on by the media. Reliance on a trade-off between usability and user friendliness has given rise to consequences that were not considered.

How can we change this?

How can we fix this?

A single solution. This was the idea here at Olive Innovations and the reason we have developed Zeus Guardian.

Default Password

The primary issue for unauthorised access to connected devices. 

Devices are shipped with default passwords to allow easy setup for the consumer, this is ok as long as the first step is to change the password when the consumer integrates the device into their connected life.

With Zeus Guardian, passwords are a thing of the past.


Low power devices are very limited on resources, there is typically a point to point connection between two devices with a dependency on the protocol for the encryption of the communication. 

There have been tools that exist for decades to intercept data with the intention of manipulation and injection to forcibly gain access to resources.

We mitigate this with an additional encrypted protocol, signed and verified data packets to ensure security.

Multiple Users and Policies

Built from the ground up to ensure that multiple users can be granted communication with the connected device.

Alongside our protocol with command level policies to allow restricted access without compromising on security. 

​Time limited access keys and revocation ensures long term security of your devices.

Zeus Guardian: List


Car Sound System

Connected Vehicles

More and more advances in the automotive industry provide new methods for interaction with your vehicle.

These open up new possibilities for theft and control, both local and remote.

There have already been demonstrations for control of vehicles from laptops. Now vehicles are connected to the internet, how long will it be before it is remote?

There have been numerous news articles that demonstrate how easy it is to gain unauthorised access to modern vehicles without keys, and after access new keys are cloned. It is as easy to steal a vehicle today as it was 20 years ago.

These issues are the original ideas for prevention which gave birth to Zeus Guardian.

Zeus Guardian: Services
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