Who We are ?

We are Olive Innovations Ltd., (OIL). We make things more secure. Established in 2014, our traditional focus has been the security of connected cars and pilotless aircraft. You'll hear more about this shortly - keep watching these pages... perhaps you'll even join in with us. But 2017 has been a big year for the hackers.

Our fear is that even the basics of systems security - and this includes 2FA - are seen by so many organisations, software vendors and consumers alike, as both costly and, it would appear, unnecessary. As NASA gave us non-stick saucepans, OIL brings you OASIS, from the inventors of the unhackable motor car.

What we're doing

Thinking out of the box to design and build solid, affordable security services and products!

Making them available to you to help secure what matters, your applications, your networks, your software and the most important thing.... your Data!.

OASIS 2FA Provider

Symantec says that the key to gaining unauthorised access to data is the theft of user credentials — such as passwords — using them to access accounts, and then hack into servers or databases, or deploy malware to steal sensitive information. Determining and remembering strong and unique passwords for multiple accounts can be difficult, so many users abandon safety for convenience.

You use 2FA so that the failure of one factor does not grant access to attackers. Therefore, if a password is one factor, then the second factor can protect you if the password turns out to be weak. Many, many companies fail to employ 2FA because its implementation can be labourious and costs prohibitively high.

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