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Protecting applications and services

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Cloud Based Multi-factor Authentication Platform

Providing an independent second authority for verification and identification of users accessing your applications and services. We have designed a built a platform which is not only easy to integrate into your existing authentication policies but also will easily allow developers to add enterprise level authentication services to applications and services they build to ensure for all users.

Free to use for a single application or service helping everybody achieve and provide the same level of security expected in today's modern world. For larger organisations a fixed license for annual usage without the usual per user billing encourages stricter use of multi-factor authentication at a much lower cost than other providers.

Cloud based to ensure the security of your services. But wait.. is that not like all the others? Yes it is but we want to provide premium features without the premium cost. We are constantly developing our platform to provide the next feature without the additional cost to you.

One-Time Passcode

No need for another app, we have kept it simple. The second authentication step is verified from the generation of the one time passcode on applications you may already use, such as Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. 

We do also support 3rd party hardware tokens.

secure anything and everything

OASIS2FA integrates with Microsoft AD, Azure AD​, Microsoft ADFS, Linux PAM, Radius and custom developed software using our SDK.​

Each method of integration provides the same level of security and features without having to redevelop.

With a single administration console to allow for simple management.

compliance auditing and logging

Each and every authentication attempt successful or not is audited to provide you real time visibility of access to your applications and services. 

Information about the end users location and application access attempt is stored and optionally alerts for identifying suspicious activity as soon as it happens.

location based policies

Why let users authenticate from anywhere if they are not expected to authenticate from anywhere? 

Optional additional location access policies allow you define where a user can authenticate from.

Restricting countries, ip ranges, anonymous vpns, access from ToR networks. 

complimentary services

Whilst a cloud based service there are still requirements for tools to enable your on-premise and directory services to utilise our platform. 

We have for free the OASIS2FA Gateway Service, this provides the on-premise to OASIS2FA directory syncronisation services and also a Radius Authentication services.


We provide a .NET SDK available from nuget to allow integration of our platform with custom applications and services.

We are happy to develop other SDK's for other languages free of charge on request.

We can also provide examples of integration with PHP.

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