What is OASIS 2FA?

What it does!

Two-factor authentication adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure, giving would-be hackers two levels of protection to crack.

Overall, this greatly decreases the likelihood of a successful attack.

Arguably, OASIS eliminates that likelihood altogether by providing a cloud based, independent authentication layer.

How it works!

OASIS 2FA is built on the basis of One Time Password generation (OTP). Traditional OTP implementations are subject to compromise, due to insecure methods of essential key storage, code generation and verification. Using our platform, encrypted, secured and independent of your systems we can ensure a zero comproise and take away the additional work involved in building from scratch.

So why OASIS?

Secure in minutes!

This web-site contains everything you need to know in order to implement OASIS 2FA no matter the application or system you wish to protect.

Implementation is rapid, very rapid when you have done it once. Altough the system has been built by developers and specialists we took great care to ensure no matter the experience it is simple to get up an running.

Chech out our Docs to find out how.

Ultra low cost!

Sometimes good intentions are set aside because of cost. So your first ten OASIS 2FA users will always be free. Thereafter, £1 per user per month... if they are not authenticated, then you don't pay... simple!

Discounted pricing, we keep that simple too, 10% per 1000 authenticated user to a maximum of 40%.

For large organisations, get in touch and we can discuss options.

Protect everything!

Every business has different systems they wish to protect, sometimes it is hard to find a solution to protect them all, sometimes the options available to protect everything are costly and complicated.

We employ the methadology, keep it simple then the implementation works!

Not sure if we can help, Contact Us and ask, we're happy to chat and love developing solutions, so just ask and we will see what can deliver!

We mean everything! For example!

In house applications, no problem, use our API integration.

WIFI, no problem, as long as it supports radius authentication, use our gateway and radius server!

Windows operating systems, we have a credential provider for that.

ADFS Federated Login, go ahead, install our ADFS adapter.

Linux, PAM in conjuction with radius, works a treat.

Checkout our Download and Doc pages and see for yourself.