About us

We are Olive Innovations Ltd., (OIL). We make things more secure. Established in 2014, our traditional focus has been the security of connected cars and pilotless aircraft. You'll hear more about this shortly - keep watching these pages... perhaps you'll even join in with us. But 2017 has been a big year for the hackers.

Our fear is that even the basics of systems security - and this includes 2FA - are seen by so many organisations, software vendors and consumers alike, as both costly and, it would appear, unnecessary. As NASA gave us non-stick saucepans, OIL brings you OASIS, from the inventors of the unhackable motor car.

Why we do it

We love to develop solutions to real world problems.

Each and every problem we embark on solving we stop, think and bring to life the solution.


Simply yet effective a two factor authentication and verification service.

Secure your all your systems using one simple service.

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The next generation vehicle security platform, long overdue and how it should be done.

Unhackable vehicle. Why not, we can do it. Watch this space.

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